The Fukuoka Smart East Seminar

The next important project launched by the startup city Fukuoka is the advanced city development “Fukuoka Smart East”.

The central Hakozaki area is surrounded by three subways, Japan Railway, other private railway stations and just 4 km from Hakata Port and Fukuoka Airport. It is also an excellent location with it being possible to get to Hakata, Tenjin in as little as 5 minutes. The size of this area is about the same distance from Roppongi Hills to Toranomon Hills in Tokyo, and the university that used to be here has moved, so a completely new town development will be promoted in this area. On this occasion, we held a seminar on the smart city, which had been frequently requested by companies and ministries in Tokyo.

In addition to the smart city "Smart East" in Fukuoka City, there were valuable lectures from experts on the trends of smart cities in the world and advanced technologies that will be introduced to smart cities in the future.

The talk about the trend of the smart city in the world was given by Mr. Suga, Director, Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan (C4IR Japan) of the World Economic Forum, which is known for the Davos Conference. The talks about cutting-edge technologies, which will be introduced to the smart city, were given by Mr. Ogawa, a startup company led by Mr. Yoichi Ochiai, and Mr. Oe of DeNA, who is researching the self-driving car.


Date and time: February 15, 2019 (Fri) 1pm to 3pm ※ Door Open 12:30pm
Place: Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu ( Within Shibuya Mark City) 6F Planets Room
Hosted by: Fukuoka Smart East Promotion Consortium
Membership fee: free


Door open 12:30pm
Opening 1pm
Closing 3pm


Mr. Shuhei Ishimaru, Executive Director of Fukuoka Smart East Promotion Consortium Mr. Jun Ogawa Managing Director, Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. Mr. Chizuru Suga, Director, Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Japan of the World Economic Forum Mr. Wataru Oe, DeNA Chief Strategist