The 1st Smart City Study Session for FY2022 will be held!

 Kyushu University, UR Urban Renaissance Agency, Fukuoka City, and Fukuoka Directive Council have been holding Smart City Study Sessions on a regular basis to realize "FUKUOKA Smart EAST," a project that aims to solve various social issues and create a sustainable and comfortable city.
 In this session, we will hear from people who are active on the front lines of the smart city project and learn about the current situation and the latest initiatives.

 This is a great opportunity to hear valuable presentations from the speakers, so please register now!

 -  Date: Monday, June 6, 2022, 13:30-15:00
 -  Organizer: FUKUOKA Smart EAST Promotion Consortium
 -  Fee: Free of charge
  Method: Hybrid event (real + online)
Real venue: Elgarra Hall, Chu Hall (1-4-2 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
Online: Zoom Webinar + YouTube Live
*Please note that neither handouts nor archived videos will be distributed.
Draft program for the day *Title is subject to change
13:15 Doors open
13:30-13:35 Opening *Notes, comments, and other communications
13:35-13:55 "Current Status and Future of Smart Cities" (tentative) Mr. Hironobu Azuma, Specially Appointed Professor, Osaka Metropolitan University
13:55-14:00 Q&A session
14:00-14:20 "About Suita SST promoted by Panasonic" Mr. Michihiro Sakamoto, Business Solution Division, Panasonic Operational Excellence Co., Ltd.
14:20-14:25 Q&A Session
14:25-14:45 "The Athletes' Village District Energy Project (Harumi Hydrogen Supply) Initiatives" Mr. Fumihiko Fukuchi, Energy Public Group, Planning Department, Customer & Business Solution Company, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
14:45-14:50 Q&A Session
14:50-14:55 Communication, Closing of the session
15:00 Closing
Networking (exchange of business cards) among speakers and participants will be held at the following time (upon request)
15:00-15:20 Networking

In order to assist in your networking efforts, we will be able to disclose participant information to attendees and other interested parties at the Smart City Study Session.
We plan to make a list of the information we receive from participants and distribute it at the venue and make it available online for downloading.
We will only disclose the information of those who agree to our terms of use, so please check the handling of such information.
*We will disclose the information of those who have consented even to those who have not consented.

To build a network among companies participating in the Smart City Study Group.
To obtain the names of participants' companies/organizations, departments, positions, attendees, and e-mail addresses, and to disclose them to participants and related parties (FSE Promotion Consortium members and speakers).

◆Please use this form to register for participation (real or online):
*For those who cannot access the Google form above, please send an email to ( and return the completed form to us.

Application for the 1st Smart City Study Session in FY2022
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◆Registration Deadline
June 2 (Thursday), 14:00
We apologize for the short time frame, but we look forward to your participation.

◆We will send the URL for online viewing to those who have registered by the day before the study session.

<For inquiries, please contact>
Fukuoka Smart EAST Promotion Consortium Office
Attn: Mr. Iwanaga