Supporting the demonstration of cutting-edge technologies to solve social issues!
"Smart East PoC Program 2022" is now accepting applications!!

 When private companies plan a demonstrative experiment, it must be very difficult to coordinate the implementation. Do you have any problems in planning a demonstrative experiment, such as not knowing who to consult, having to secure a location or going through complicated licensing procedures, or wanting to publicize your project so that many people will come to see it?
 The FUKUOKA Smart EAST Promotion Consortium will continue to provide support to explore the feasibility of advanced technologies and business models through the "Smart East POC Program 2022", during this fiscal year.
We will support your efforts to conduct demonstrative experiments in Hakozaki, the town that will be the starting point of the "FUKUOKA Smart EAST'' project.

Support for "Smart East PoC Program 2022

Administrator Consultation and Briefing of Stakeholders

In order for the experiment to proceed smoothly, it is necessary not only to provide explanations to local residents, but also to help facilitate smooth discussions with schools, park administrators, police, and other authorities to obtain permits and approvals. We will support you in the execution of the demonstrative experiment by attending the discussions with the relevant parties.

Setting up the demonstration field

We will support you in securing an optimal site for the demonstrative experiment. In the past, various locations such as parks, community centers, shopping streets, and public roads in the city have been used as demonstration fields.

Recruitment of general monitors

We support coordination with local community councils, schools, etc. to ensure that residents and other interested parties can experience your cutting-edge technology and services in the most appropriate form.

Publicity and media attention

To raise awareness of the demonstration, the office will issue press releases. In the past, we have achieved a great deal of coverage in newspapers, TV news, and web media.

Let's face the challenge together to realize your groundbreaking out-of-the-box ideas!
We look forward to receiving your application.


[Reference] Demonstrative experiments held in the past (an example)

<Demonstrative experiment of "subtitle transparent display" and "smart glasses">
 In cooperation with Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc., we conducted a demonstrative experiment of "subtitle transparent display" and "smart glasses," tools to support communication for people with hearing difficulties, foreigners, and others. The demonstration was conducted at the Matsushima Community Center and on the first floor of Fukuoka City Hall, with local residents, people with hearing difficulties, and people with hearing disabilities participating as monitors.
 The demonstrative experiment was covered by newspapers and online news, and featured on terrestrial television. 

Demonstrative experiment of "subtitle transparent display" and "smart glasses"

<Demonstrative Experiment of Autonomous Running Sterilization Robot>
 In cooperation with Global Gates Co., Ltd, we conducted a demonstrative experiment of an autonomous running sterilization robot that can perform sterilization work by spraying sterilization solution and irradiating ultraviolet light. This experiment was conducted at the Higashi Hakozaki Community Center, and participants in a local circle were invited to participate as monitors.
 The demonstrative experiment was covered by a newspaper.

Demonstrative Experiment of Autonomous Running Sterilization Robot

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