The "Open Network Lab FUKUOKA" -Smart East Challenge Entrepreneur Support Program has started.

In order to realize "Fukuoka Smart East", Fukuoka City, in cooperation with Kyushu University and others, are collecting and transmitting information from private business operators, as well as communicating with residents, fostering the community's acceptability for new technology and supporting the Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for the introduction of advanced technologies.

The "Open Network Lab FUKUOKA" -Smart East Challenge started in collaboration with an entrepreneur support program at the startup support facility Fukuoka Growth Next of Fukuoka city as follows.


1. "Open Network Lab FUKUOKA" -Smart East Challenge Overview

An accelerator program for startups, providing mentorship, lectures on business know-how, and support for global expansion in order to plan and promote the PoCs with partner companies. (

For this program, Fukuoka City and Kyushu University will provide support PoCs as required.


2. Implementation Company

Digital Garage, Inc. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Fukuoka City Startup Support Facility's Steering Committee (Fukuoka Growth Next)

Fukuoka Directive Council