Supporting the demonstration of cutting-edge technologies to solve social issues!
The "Smart East PoC Program 2021" is launched!!

  Isn't it very difficult for private companies to coordinate the operation of demonstrative experiments when they are being planned? Do you have any worries about the demonstrative experiment, such as not knowing where to go for advice, securing a location, and the complicated procedures for obtaining permits and approvals, or the need to advertise the experiment so that many people will come to see the experiment?
 The office of the FUKUOKA Smart EAST Promotion Consortium will continue to provide support for exploring the feasibility of advanced technologies and business models through the "Smart East PoC Program 2021" this year as well.
We will support your efforts to conduct demonstrative experiments in the town of Hakozaki, the pioneer of the "FUKUOKA Smart EAST".

1. Support for the Smart East PoC Program 2021

Management consultations and explanations to relevant parties

 In order for the demonstrative experiment to proceed smoothly, it is necessary not only to provide explanations to local residents, but also to hold smooth discussions with schools, park administrators, and the police in order to obtain permits and approvals. We will support you in your efforts to realize the demonstrative experiment by attending the discussions with the relevant parties.

Setting up the demonstration field

We will support you in securing the most suitable location for the demonstrative experiment. Various locations such as parks, community halls, and public roads in the city have been used as demonstration fields in the past.

Recruitment of general monitors

 We will support coordination with community associations, schools, and others so that as many residents and concerned parties as possible can experience your cutting-edge technologies and services.

Publicity to the mass media

 In order to raise awareness of the demonstrative experiment, the office will conduct press releases. In the past, the project has been covered by many newspapers, TV news, and web media.

2. Support cases in past demonstrative experiments

CASE1: Shopping Refrigerator-type "Fresh Food Delivery Box" Demonstrative Experiment
 In cooperation with COOKPAD Inc., we conducted a demonstrative experiment in which people can receive foodstuffs from JA's Fresh Produce Market, etc., that they have pre-ordered with their smartphone, at fresh food delivery boxes installed in subway stations, without having to meet face-to-face. For this demonstrative experiment, the office held discussions with the Fukuoka City Subway and was able to use two stations in the Hakozaki area (Hakozaki Kyudai-mae Station and Hakozaki Miyamae Station) as the demonstration field.
 Thanks in part to the press release by the office, the project was covered by many media outlets including TV and newspapers.

Refrigerator-type "Fresh Food Delivery Box"

CASE2: Mobility - Test-ride of an automated minibus with no steering wheel
We conducted a demonstrative experiment at Kaizuka Park using an automated minibus with no steering wheel, "NAVYA's ARMA". The office consulted with the park management and was able to use an area that is almost similar to the actual road environment, which is usually maintained for go-kart driving.
 In addition to the demonstration at Kaizuka Park, we also held a vehicle exhibition at Kyushu Plaza in Fukuoka City Hall, providing an opportunity for many citizens who have never seen an automated vehicle to experience the most advanced mobility vehicle.

automated minibus with no steering wheel, "NAVYA's ARMA"

 3. Toward the realization of a smart city that we can be proud of in the future

 What is required of city planning in the future in order to create a model case of a smart city that Fukuoka can be proud of by working to create high-quality, comfortable lifestyles and urban spaces? Why don't we think about the answer to this question together through the "Smart East PoC Program 2021"? This is a challenge that will help solve social issues that we will face in the near future, such as the declining birthrate and aging population, and also a challenge to create a new city that aims to create innovation and develop sustainably. Let's take on this challenge together to realize groundbreaking ideas that defy conventional thinking!
 We look forward to receiving your applications.

 For more information on the application guidelines for the Smart East PoC Program 2021
Please refer to the FUKUOKA Smart EAST website.


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