We are searching for companies to participate in our Smart East PoC Program2020, which explores the feasibility of advanced technologies and business models!

It can be challenging for private companies to conduct market research and analyze the findings when testing a new product or service. Securing the demonstration space and finding testers are among the many barriers these companies often encounter. Participants in the Smart East PoC* Program2020 will get assistance in these areas and more!

*Note: Proof of Concept (PoC)

What support does the Smart East PoC Program2020 provide?

The Fukuoka Smart East Promotion Consortium Secretariat (referred to as the "Conso. Secretariat" in the remainder of this article) will support chosen demonstration experiments as outlined below.

  1. Consultations with Administrators & Public Explanations
    Our team will support demonstrators by attending discussions and negotiations that pertain to licensing and permissions with a variety of land and traffic managers. For example, if you need to meet with a park manager or discuss something with police officials, we will go with you to ensure the discussions go smoothly. We will also join you if you need to explain your experiment to local residents, schools, or anyone else involved in the project.

  2. Demonstration Site Selection
    The Fukuoka Smart East Team will work with you to identify and secure the ideal demonstration site. In the past, we have used public halls, parks, and public roads for demonstrations.

  3. Recruitment of Participants
    As we mentioned above, it can be challenging to find testers and participants for demonstration experiments. We will help you to recruit these essential monitors by coordinating with residents and schools.

  4. PR & Media Coordination
    The Conso. Secretariat will issue a press release when the demonstration experiment begins. In the past, these releases have been featured in newspapers, on televised news, via the web, and more. These activities increase interest in the company’s technologies and services.

  5. Briefing Sessions
    Smart East holds study sessions, which are attended by approximately 100 companies. Demonstration experiment companies can introduce their technology and participate in matching sessions with other study session participants.

Recruiting private companies in a range of fields, including mobility, security, and wellness

We are interested in PoC experiments that users can interact with and experience. In particular, we are looking for advanced technology and innovative business models in the following categories: mobility, wellness, sharing, living, shopping, makers, logistics, education, working, energy, and security.

Below you can read about some of the demonstration experiments that the Conso. Secretariat has supported so far.

CASE 1: Self-driving car

PerceptIn self-driving car

PerceptIn is a Silicon Valley-based startup that was established in 2016. Their team was interested in developing a small, two-seater car in Japan, but they had difficulty finding a demonstration field where they could test the car. As they wanted to verify Japanese traffic rules, road signs, and traffic lights, they needed to find a place to try it out.

As part of the Conso. Secretariat’s support for this PoC experiment, PerceptIn was able to use Kaizuka Park, which has traffic running through it. They received support in securing the testing field, coordinating with park managers, and coordinating with the police.

To boost media attention, we helped them hold a test drive event that was featured on television and in newspapers. PerceptIn was also able to introduce their cars at a Smart East study session, leading them to make valuable connections and begin building a network with other companies.

CASE 2: Automatic translation for disaster evacuation system

KotozunaChat Automatic translation for disaster evacuation system

Kotozna Co., Ltd., is a Fukuoka-based startup that developed an automatic translation tool called Kotozna Chat. The tool supports translation into 109 languages and is a valuable resource as the number of international residents and tourists in Fukuoka increases. This is especially true in the event of a disaster, where multilingual notifications need to be sent out quickly. However, Kotozna Co., Ltd. was having trouble recruiting testers from different countries and finding a place to test their technology.

The Conso. Secretariat secured the Hakozaki Community Center as the demonstration space and coordinated with local residents to inform them of the upcoming experiment. We were also able to invite 31 international participants from 16 countries to test the technology by coordinating with a Japanese language school.

Creating the smart city of the future in Fukuoka

We are excited to foster a lifestyle that is both comfortable and advanced by building a model smart city in the heart of Fukuoka. Through the Smart East PoC Program2020, Fukuoka’s startup city spirit will attract new and advanced technologies. The result will be a space that solves social issues through innovation, and we invite your company to join us in taking on this challenge!

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