"Fukuoka Smart East" is exhibiting at "CES 2021" held online!


"Fukuoka Smart East" is a project that aims to solve various social issues with cutting-edge technology and innovative ideas to create the world's most livable smart city. We are steadily considering and making progress in advanced town development, such as conducting market sounding to receive opinions and suggestions from companies. In addition, the area's largest railway company announcing plans to set up a new station in the town development area of Fukuoka Smart East.
If you are a private company that wishes to participate in the town development of Fukuoka Smart East, but have some issues such as not knowing how to enter the market or worrying about whether your products and services meet the needs of Fukuoka, please use the online consultation as part of "CES 2021" to solve such problems.

Following last year, we exhibited at CES 2021 in all-digital form this year!

The world's largest technology trade fair "CES" is being held in an all-digital form this year due to the impact of COVID-19. At the "CES 2021" online exhibition, you can check the vision and latest information on community development, and you can also have an online meeting via chat. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit us as it will be an opportunity to consult with us online as well.

<Overview: "CES 2021" Online Exhibition>

● Date: January 12th (Tue) -February 15th (Mon)
● Location: Online
● Website: https://digital.ces.tech/home
Please search for "fukuoka".

* CES 2021 requires pre-registration (admission fee required).

Aiming to be the driving force of Japan's smart cities

Regarding the exhibition, we received comments from the International Sales Representative for Japan as follows. As you can see in the comments, the public and private sectors will work together to build a model case so that Fukuoka can become the driving force of Japan's smart cities.

"It is no exaggeration to say that CES is an exhibition that is creating the future of the world. We believe that exhibition by Fukuoka Smart East will strengthen the cohesion and influence of the city and lead to the its revitalization. When several such big cities appear in Japan, it will become an advanced country of smart cities. We look forward to your success as a leading smart city in Japan. "(Comment from "Creative Vision" of International Sales Representative for Japan)

Building a smart city starting from zero base in "Fukuoka"

CES 2020 Fukuoka Smart East booth.png

Since starting the "Fukuoka Smart East" project, we have been working on various demonstration experiments with many startups and companies. Although it is still in its infancy as a town development for the future, we are building a comfortable and high-quality lifestyle and urban space from scratch through cutting-edge technological innovation. We look forward to meeting many visitors at "CES 2021", which will be held in all-digital form.