A demonstrative experiment to create a "Walkable and Enjoyable Town" in Hakozaki Shopping Street!

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The "Fukuoka Smart East" project, which aims to solve various social issues and create a sustainable and comfortable city through cutting-edge technology, has conducted demonstrative experiments in a variety of fields.
This time, the project aims to create a town where people can enjoy walking along the heavily trafficked Hakozaki shopping street by conducting two demonstrations: one to ensure pedestrian safety through the use of signage calling for safe driving, and the other to provide information through the cashless gift certificate application "HAKOPOPPO".
The "Hakopoppo" demonstrative experiment will be monitored by "Hakopoppo" users, so please apply now!
*"Hakopoppo" is a smartphone application introduced by the Hakozaki Merchants Association.

Outline of Implementation

Demonstrative Experiment 1
When vehicle speed sensors installed along the Hakozaki shopping street detect vehicles traveling in excess of the speed limit, a message encouraging safe driving will be displayed on signage along the street.

  • Demonstration period: March 16, 2022 (Wed) - March 31, 2022 (Thu)
  • Signage location: Mumeijuku (3-8-18 Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka, along the Hakozaki shopping street main street)
Illustration of the demonstrative experiment using vehicle speed sensors and signage

Demonstrative Experiment 2
Monitors will be recruited from users of the cashless gift certificate application "Hakopoppo" to experience a new function that uses beacons to distribute information on stores recommended for dining and shopping and conduct a spot rally to visit trivia spots in the area.

  • Period: March 25, 2022 (Fri.) - March 26, 2022 (Sat.)
  • Location: Hakozaki shopping district area
  • Monitors will be recruited in the "Hakopoppo" application from March 16 (Wed.).
Illustration of the image of the demonstrative experiment using the Hakopoppo application

Implementing Entity
Hakozaki Merchants Association, Machi no Wa Co., Ltd., Nishimu Electronics Industries Co.,Ltd. and KYUSHU ELECTRIC POWER CO., INC.