Fukuoka Smart East

Creating the world’s most liveable smart city.

One of the world’s most liveable cities is evolving into one of its most advanced. Fukuoka will bring together cutting-edge technology, innovative thinkers, and sustainable practices to create the largest smart city in Japan. Join us as we develop the future of smart living!

Fukuoka Smart East

What is Fukuoka Smart East?

In order to develop sustainably while working to solve various town-planning issues (such as a declining birthrate and aging population), we will attempt to create a model city – something we can be proud of in future. To pioneer this development, we will start with a town in Hakozaki. It will be comfortable, with a high-quality lifestyle and urban space, supported by state-of-the-art technology and innovation.

What will be
a social problem in future?

Japan is said to face various social issues, such as population decline, declining birthrate, and an aging population, plus energy and environmental problems. It’s estimated that by 2036 one in three people will become an elderly citizen. It is predicted that this will negatively affect society, and there is growing concern regarding labor shortages due to the declining birthrate.

In addition, technology will increasingly spread to various situations of everyday life. But on the other hand, cyber-security threats and the importance of energy and communications backups (in the event of disasters) will increase. It is necessary to develop sustainable solutions while addressing these issues.


How can we solve it?

The key to solving social issues lies in advanced technologies and groundbreaking ideas, which we call "innovation".

For example, automation by A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics can lead to innovative ideas such as self-driving cars. Telemedicine can be made possible through improved communication networks, plus improved image and sound quality, to allow doctors to examine patients remotely. There are places in Fukuoka where various innovations can be implemented.


Starting with Hakozaki

Fukuoka Smart East will start with Hakozaki (the former site of Kyushu University's Hakozaki Campus) as a pioneer in urban development, and then spread to the entire city and beyond to reach as many people as possible.

Image of Fukuoka Smart East Initiatives



With the relocation of Kyushu University to the suburbs, a large vacant lot was created in the Hakozaki area near the city center, so we decided to start the Fukuoka Smart East project by developing a town on this former campus site.



It would cover an area that starts from Westminster Bridge, the bridge next to Big Ben, and ends at Buckingham Palace.


Starting from Notre-Dame de Paris to the Louvre Museum. It would cover an area that includes the entire Ile de la Cité.


Starting from Chen Yi Square to People’s Square, it would cover an area stretching from Nanjing East Road to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street.

San Francisco

With it’s center at Westfield San Francisco Centre, it would stretch from Montgomery St Station to Civic Center Station.

Town Planning in Hakozaki

With regard to the Hakozaki Campus site, town planning is being undertaken based on the "Grand Design," which provides the overall vision of town planning for the site and the direction of development rules, etc. From April 28, 2023, Kyushu University and the Urban Renaissance Agency are soliciting land use business operators for town planning for the site.

Matters related to the overall town planning of the former Hakozaki campus site of Kyushu University, including the land readjustment project and the status of studies to date

Matters related to solicitation of land use business operators for town planning of the former Hakozaki Campus site of Kyushu University

Demonstrative Experiments Prior to Town Planning

We believe that the quickest way for people to understand what Fukuoka Smart East aims to solve urban development issues with cutting-edge technology, and specifically what kind of technology is available, is to actually see and experience it for themselves.

Therefore, Hakozaki is conducting demonstrative experiments, experiencing tests, and events in advance of the town planning process.

What kinds of
demonstrative experiments and events have you conducted so far?

We have conducted demonstrative experiments and events in a variety of fields, including autonomous buses, electric kickboards, online medical care using TVs, autonomous sterilization robots, and child monitoring.